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Песня про Ланг Дарму

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Бондарев прислал. Это бонская антибуддийская песня. На тибетском языке.



Но есть и сейчас буддисты-лангдармисты, которые критикуют лам. Вот пример.

arrty nagpotsang
3 дня назад

If your story is true, where is the world peace? Where is liberation? Killing animals got more, diseases got extreme,
Killing lang Dharma was biggest mistakes of Tibetan Buddhism.
Lang Dharma was promoting the pure Buddha's path excluding social drama's and at the other side, the Buddhism with social drama is rising, which directs the belief outside the one self into illusions, in the form of paintings and stupas,  and painting stupas need shelters, even they are lifeless, yet others beliefs were on that thing, thus no liberation,

Never realised who is Lucifer and who is Satan,
Lang Dharma is back, his spirit is immortal, they didn't seen how much lha lung phel dorjee suffered,  rainbow body transformation is cheating the death, it leads one back into realms of earth being,
there is only one way, others never works,
Lang Dharma had been there, seen that, thus he knows that,
The one who killed him was not realised, not connected inside and awaken,  that moment when he was thingking of killing, is not a genuine intention of killing, thus never ending suffering came, no answers, no solutions, from the scripts saved  from this he created his own karma



Вообще есть дискуссия историков и да, скорее всего Лангдарма был буддистом, но был против крайнего клерикализма.


Вы здесь » mahtalcar » О Традиции и традиционалистах » Песня про Ланг Дарму

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